The Lost & Found Spirit


Sandra’s seen a leprechaun,
Eddie touched a troll,
Laurie danced with witches once,
Charlie found some goblins gold.
Donald heard a mermaid sing,
Susy spied an elf,
But all the magic I have known
I’ve had to make myself.”
― Shel Silverstein, Where the Sidewalk Ends

No leprechauns or trolls here though. Only the billionaire Tristan Chase who has been cursed for eternity. He has nothing to blame but his Karma.  His only hope now is Scarlett Williams, a crazy workaholic, who sings awfully and loses her mind when she drinks wine. 

Here is how they met and what happened in their life afterwards.

The Lost & Spirit 1
She decided to buy the painting. She held the painting in both her hands at an arm’s
length and looked again. The man was painted in his side profile. He was tall, broad, athletic and strong and had a kind of dark brown hair.

The Lost & Found Spirit 2
He was overwhelmed. He wanted to run on that sea-shore. He wanted to swim and drown in those waves. He wanted to bury himself in the sand. He wanted to wrestle with the sea. He wanted to be alive. He wanted to feel flesh and bones and blood. He wanted to feel the real sun and the real breeze. He wanted to move his hands and legs. He wanted to walk, run and jump. But most of all he wanted to talk. No. More than that, he wanted to turn and look at her when she talked to him.

The Lost & Found Spirit 3
It feels like you are not really hanging out there on the wall, but inside my heart. I dont see you as a mere painting anymore. That, I think, has been well established. I dont understand any of this. But I am done trying. I am always thinking too much, you know… Always reasonable, practical, sensible, realist… Maybe its time for me to be a little eccentric.

The Lost & Found Spirit 4
“People always leave. They break your heart. The don’t understand your dreams. They judge. They prey. They hurt without hurting. They kill without really killing. Not all are like this, I know. I have seen a fair share of both good and bad people. But, I have always been wary. I am tired.

The Lost & Found Spirit 5
She stood there with her eyes closed for two minutes. ” Will you miss me while I am gone?”

“Miss me… Please miss me…”And she left.

The Lost & Found Spirit 6
Scarlett was funny. Not the sarcastic funny. Not the cheesy peasy funny. She was silly funny. Being the bossy woman she was, she completely lost it at her humour. She made pathetically lame jokes and laughed truly at them. And then at herself.

The Lost & Found Spirit 7
How long she sat there and let the tears exhaust itself she did not know. It was very dark, the house eerily quiet and she was alone. She opened the balcony door and let the moon inside. She stood there with the cool silver light on her face, feeling it seep into her skin and mingle with her blood.

The Lost & Found Spirit 8
There are far too many people like this. There is a lone self inside everybody. Everyone relates to this feeling. Yet, we all fall short of giving and getting that comfort. Is it because you want too much? Or is it because you don’t have enough to give?

The Lost & Found Spirit 9
Thinking back, he realised, how much his painting skills contrasted with the rest of his personality. Artists and creative people were supposed to be good souls. He nowhere fit under that description and yet when he held a paint brush in his hand, it possessed a will of its own, knowing what to draw and how to draw.

The Lost & Found Spirit 10
It was killing him to hear her anguished groans and fretful murmurs. He longed to take her into his arms, smooth her worries and kiss her to sleep. There was no greater hell than helplessly watch someone you care for wreathe in pain, fight fire-breathing dragons with their bare hands.

The Lost & Found Spirit 11
Everyone has fears and secrets. But it should never you stop living for too long. It takes time to find the courage to be ready to face anything, hurt and love and pain and happiness. Loving and forgiving is a risk. The only risk worth taking.

The Lost & Found Spirit 12
He had waited for Scarlett these three months. Waited for her to come from office, to sleep and to wake up. He had talked to her while she was asleep, foolishly tried to penetrate her nightmares and waited for her to calm down.

The Lost & Found Spirit 13
Scarlett read the news aloud, leaving his mind in a turmoil. It was one thing to think about his life from inside the frame. But, to hear in so many words from another person and confirm the reality, left him reeling in despair and nauseous.

The Lost & Found Spirit 14
Gone was the moody and irate Scarlett. Her face and eyes were alight with cheer and happiness. She looked truly relaxed and had finally thrown away the burden of the 7 bitter years and troubled heart.

The Lost & Found Spirit 15
“I ll see you later Scarlett. We are not done. Not even close.” Mathew snatched the letter from the table and left the room slamming the door.

The Lost & Found Spirit 16
Scarlett looked like a Victorian beauty. The only difference was she removed the buttons of her shirt instead of a corseted gown with a different kind of hunger burning in her abdomen.

The Lost & Found Spirit 17
Was she going mad after being lonely for so long? How did people go mad? Was it a natural process? Did it happen suddenly? Or was it a gradual deterioration of sanity? How do people realize that they have gone mad? Was there any DIY sort of tests? Questionnaire or online tests that could give a hint on the symptoms of madness?

The Lost & Found Spirit 18
We need to get this done really. If we fail to get this deal signed, the next one is with the Chase Holdings. It is a much much larger fish in the market and they will probably throw us even before hearing us out. That company is not the type to tolerate any sort of crap

The Lost & Found Spirit 19
Scarlett never stopped wondering about Tristan and how he moved. It was a constant  thought, a feeling and a presence in her life now. She breathed, she worked and she thought about Tristan. Always.

The Lost & Found Spirit 20
He missed her like hell. No, he missed her like life. One day she would be staring her eyes out, the next day she would avoid looking at the painting. The days he waited for her to be back, he was terribly disappointed. Then again, out of the blue she would wake up in the middle of the night and look at the painting and go back to sleep. And in the morning, it was like nothing ever happened.

The Lost & Found Spirit 21
There were too many who were calculating, manipulating or masquerading lies. She lived a corporate life, right in the center of all this theatricals. Could she blame them? Maybe not. For being all the heroine on the outside, she was a jumbled up mess inside. Just like any other silly girl who had existential crises and break downs. The difference was Scarlett just hid it too well. She was also one of the million actresses on this stage.

The Lost & Found Spirit 22
Of all the billions of people who could have bought the painting, it was you. You taught me to love, to try and to forgive. Sometimes the most important person in need for forgiveness is one’s own self.  You are no heroine out of a book with perfect character, habits and the all the best of the features. But you are my Hero.

The Lost & Found Spirit 23
Scarlett poked the curtains near the window on the other side of the room with her knife. She was squinting through the veil of her hair and waiting… Tristan had no idea what she expected will emerge out of the curtain. It was fun to watch anyway. It’s been so long that he was entertained like this.

The Lost & Found Spirit 24
For Tristan, it was yet another lonely night to live through after another lonely day. And tomorrow again it was going to be another lonely day. If he pushed his luck, maybe he’ll get to live a few minutes with Scarlett and then it was another lonely night. How much longer? How many more such lonely nights and days…

The Lost & Found Spirit 25
Was he doomed? Was there anyone who needed him? Was he a quitter? Did he not have faith in himself? He lost, and he didn’t even know it? Where did he stand with himself? Did he care only for Scarlett? Was his heart not open for others? Why was he asking all these questions? Was he not sure of himself?

The Lost & Found Spirit 26
But something was not right. Nothing changed yet something had changed. There was no eerie sounds. The sun was bright. It was a good day. But it was not right. Sipping her coffee, Scarlett walked into the bedroom again, with that nagging feeling in her heart.

The Lost & Found Spirit 27
Scarlett forgot what was real and what was not. All her assumptions… Was it just two minutes ago that she gave up her doubts about the moving painting? This was so much more than a moving painting. She didn’t dare make a sound. Who is Sophia? She can hear him as well? Neighbor? Where is she?

The Lost & Found Spirit 28
Scarlett suddenly remembered the other night. The heat and the warmth; it was real and not the wine. Things were getting clearer to her now. Thank God it was not the wine. She had been so scared to have a drink after that night. She could down a whole bottle now to get her nerves in control.

The Lost & Found Spirit 29
She thought of all the years of growing up and struggling alone. There might have been so many things her father might have helped her with. She wouldn’t have to had to spent the weekends, Christmas and Easter holidays binge eating and crying. It was not that she regretted her decisions. She had needed the time to heal as well, to learn to trust again.