The Soul Calls #writephoto


Mr. Burmilla: Mr Cat, It is too high. Steep. And stupid. I do not understand how your four paws will get you on top of it. You are not a monkey.

Mrs. Ragdoll: Yes, Mr. Cat. It iz impozzible. You is not gonna get up zhere. High. You fall, you no gonna land on four paws, Mr Cat! Pawdon my english sir. But you should zhe know, I is zhe agree you are a great cat-hletic. But zis is a risk. Danger Mr. Cat.

Mr. Burmilla: Huh… Mrs Ragdoll, maybe you should just stick to Furrench and not Engish…

Mrs. Ragdoll: How rude, Burmilla! I is zhe try hard to speak English… You so impawlite…

Maine Coon: Purrliant Burmilla. Only you could have managed to offend her. Anyway, Yo Cat buddy… Are you high on something? Is this some sort of withdrawal symptoms? Are you feeling suicidal? Pussy problems? You know you can talk to me any time right… why all this melodrama?

Nebulang: Meaow… Meaow… Si.. I agree. No fish up there. No mouse. No pussy either. Stay giรน Mr. Cat. Soggiorno sulla spiaggia…

Ms Savanah: Mmmm… So sexy Mr.Cat. Don’t listen to these dumbos. You are a true Felis catus. You make my whiskers shiver, Awww…. meeeaaaoowwww…..

Maine Coon: Do us a favour and please shut up Savanah! You are getting on my fur!!!

Ms Savanah: You shut up Coon. Duh.. You are jealous of Mr.Cat, aren’t you? He is ten times more a cat than you are.

Maine Coon: Jealous? And me? Are you out of your mind? Do you even know how pussies are ready to even fight with a pugs and golden retrievers for me?

Ms Savanah: You gotta be kitten me! Pawlease, give me a break and Save the catitude for someone else. You are just an elite feline snob…

Mr. Burmilla: Stop. Enough of this cat fight. One more word and I will peel the fur off your beloved tail.

(Coon and Savanah back down glaring and hissing at each other, swishing tails, claws out, ready to jump at each other any time)

Mr. Burmilla: Will you guys cut it out, huh? Act a bit mature, if you can Coon. Are they always like this?

Ms Munchkin: Yes. Always Mr. Burmilla. This is not fighting. This is lovvvvveee. But, that’s not the point. Mr. Cat, why? It’s purr-fect here. You don’t really have to go there. You’ll be bored. Why do you want to go up there? What is there?

Mrs. Ragdoll: It iz a good question. Why is the you wanna go up thzere? Pawdon my english… I is knows only so much.

Mr. Cat: Meaow… Meaow… My dear friends, Cats and countrymen, thank you so much for your concern and love. I, a nobody and street cat, am humbled before your furriendship I can not thank you enough for all that you have done for me. The taste of every bit of fish, every drop of milk, and each and every desert, cat food, every feast you have invited me to, will stay on my tongue forever. I never knew any other taste but that of the rats infesting the streets, wasted food mixed with carcasses of stray dogs and cats. I was on the path of being the biggest thug and demented cat soul. Living a mafia life is not easy. There were tooย many enemies, too much gamble. I was saved, only because of this pure feline furriendship you all have extended to me. We may have had our brawls, but you were and you still are, will always be my greatest ally. I tasted power and reveled in it for a long time. I met Mau, my love, here. We had litters and litters of kittens. Found happiness, success, and contentment.

I have lived a full life here. Now it’s time to awaken my soul and listen to my inner calling. I have some more time till I go to Mau up there.

See that Human on top of the cliff. He always comes there, every evening with his fishing rod. I don’t how many he catches. But still, it feels like he is the happiest when he sits there, glowing in the evening sun. I too want that.

I too want a master, who will pet me and give me belly rubs and feed me tidbits from his plate. I am tired of fending for myself on the streets. I also want the warmth of soft cashmere cushion and drink hot milk from a plate, watch the rain from inside the window instead of huddling on street sides and getting drenched.

But I am nobody but Cat. No pure breed. I am nothing but a bastard cat. I will never be taken into those palaces. It’s only a lonely Human like him who will have the heart to love me, have the kindness to feed me… It’s time for me to find love.

Ms Savanah: Oh Mr. Cat, you are making me cry… meaow… yet so cat-some!!

Maine Coon: Yo little mewmaid, if you cry… eh… don’t cry… babe, your whiskers will get wet… oh babe… don’t… (Puts a paw on her shoulders and licks her ears)

Nebulang: From Combattere il gatto to Amoure mio… Meaowwww… Someone here haz found zze soul calling too. ha ha… But Si, Mr. Cat. I know how you feel. Zze need for love… Meaow… I know… here in zze heart…

Mr Cat: Thank you. My paws are strong. It has gained strength from the many street fights, and all were for survival. My dear felines, I bid you good bye. May you all find love and kindness and great food. May your fur be always soft and whiskers upright. Thank you for having my tail.

Ms Savanah: Take care Mr.Cat. Bye.

Maine Coon: That Human gives you a hard time, you need any help, a right paw in a fight, you know who to call Buddy!… All the best.

Mrs Ragdoll: Pawdon my english Mr.Cat, I is the hope you get what you dezire.

Mr. Burmilla: Your place is here. But I’ll let you go only because of your stubborn pawsomeness. But, you know, you are always welcome back.

Nebulang: Si, Mr. Cat. You’ll always have a cushion in our heartz. We are friends. But we are brothers too.

Thank you, Sue, for this week’s prompt.
I have no idea how this came out and I am not even a cat-person. Please let me know your opinions. Hope you enjoyed reading.


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