Crushing Again

I don’t usually crush. But when I crush, I crush hard. And I dont generally crush at film stars, sportsmen or anyone like that. This time I couldn’t help myself. I fell fast and real hard. Its now my mission to see all the videos and dramas featuring this guy, even if it is without subtitles, just to see him. So obsessed I am that I even made this guy’s photo as wallpaper. Everytime I open my phone, I am surprised to see his face and makes me smile like an idiot. Damn cute fellow…. All my life, I’ve never collected any actors photos. But I feel like collecting his. I have not visited any celebretty’s social media profile. But, I checked out his Twitter and Instagram. Its funny. It feels nice. I feel young. I like this Korean actor Ji Chang Wook. Until someone else appeaTill then, I’ll adore his smile and badass action.

Isn’t he adorable? 😍😘

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