The Journey to the End

I know. I promised an ending to the Lost and Found Spirit by May. But I am caught up in the preprations for the upcoming exam. Though I am far behind in the preprations, I just cant bring myself to fly out of the window and write the story I have written a hundred times in my mind. 

My text books glare and my short notes scold me. Every time I try, I get attacked by guilt and write such half baked stuff that even I cant bring myself to read again. I will save you all from this disaster. I am delaying the ending of Tristan again by a few weeks. 

I totally understand if you all have forgotten about my poor Tristan and Scarlett. It has indeed taken a more tragic course than it deserves. But I’ll be damned if I quit and leave it like that.

That story will have an ending. Tristan is going to survive all the odds. I will find the Spirit and restore it to its rightful place. Till then… It will be bits and pieces of something and everything and nothing.


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