A Letter to my Dreams

Oh My Dear Dreams, 

So you have packed your bags and all ready to leave? Nothing I say or do will change your mind? Are you finally, completely, absolutely, irrevocably sure that I am of no worth? 

If your answer is yes, let me tell you this… 

That I am here begging on my knees… Don’t go… 

Please… Don’t give up on me yet. I promise I’ll try. I am trying, even now, to give you wings and breathe life into you. I will keep trying. Trust me, these are not empty promises. 

But its hard. The distractions and the temptations are too many. I know, I know… thats the whole point; to overcome these obstacles and hurdles, flash the sword of will power and triumph in the end. I hold my fort against all these hazards only to crumble into a thousand pieces. I pick up these pieces every morning with stronger resolution. But at night, I find these pieces slipping through my fingers, drawing blood and tears. It hurts. But tomorrow is a different day. It will be better. I still wake up, ready to see this to the end,right? Isn’t that a good sign? 

Maybe I am not strong enough. Maybe I am asking too much. I am desperate, looking of illogical signs and heavenly interventions. I know I am being my own enemy. Trust me, the hardest fight is always with self. And the hardest defeat to getover is also with self. See, how many battles I am fighting everyday…. Do you see how hard I am trying? Okay, maybe not hard enough…. Stay, a little longer. All is not doom and gloom yet… 

Don’t fade away. Don’t disappear. I can barely hold myself up. But if you also give up, then there is nothing between me and my ultimate downfall. Please, don’t give up on me… The times are testing our bonds. I can not fight this alone. Fight with me, fight beside me. It will take time, but we’ll get there. I promise… 

Yours Sincerely,

I, Me and Myself

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