The Lost & Found Spirit 39


Before she could touch him, Scarlett passed out and fell down on the floor. Tristan hoped to the Gods that she was not hurt and that she wouldn’t be too cold on the floor. There was no way anyone would come and take her to bed. Tristan could do nothing but watch.

He was angry. This was really enough. This was taking the joke too far. He has been punished enough and more, and so has been his parents for bringing him to this world.

Tristan knew that he had truly changed and he was not going to explain it to Sophia with examples and references. If she wanted to see the result of her curse and how it has transformed him, she had to do something to let him out. There was no other way about it.

“Sophia…This is enough. Did you hear me? Enough!Every game has two players and multiple levels. Even this one. If you want to enjoy the victory over me, I have to come out of this frame. So do it whatever you have in your mind and let me out. If I fail in the game you have drawn up for me, I promise I will accept my life as a still life painting forever. Do you understand? That’s my bargain. I am waiting to hear what you have to say…”

The Lost & Found Spirit 40

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