The Lost & Found Spirit 37


Before the name even registered in her mind, before she even realized that she had spent a considerable amount of time with the lady who is responsible for the current chaos and thrill of her life, before she regretted the mistake of not asking the name in the beginning, someone called out her name from behind and she turned around.

Mathew. What the hell was he doing here?

“Hello… Hello… Look who is here…Lady Scarlett Williams of Cyberatics.” Mathew drawled in a malicious voice. He seemed to be drunk, unkempt and dangerous.

“Hello Mathew. Did not expect to see you here either. How are you?”

“Oh, the lady asks how this poor fellow is! Oh so kind, so generous.”

Oh hoo…Trouble. Full caps TROUBLE. Scarlett looked around for ways of escape.

Suddenly Mathew came close to her, pushed her against the car and locked her within his arms. Scarlett gasped at the force and the shock of what was happening in the middle of the parking space in the major part of the city. There was no security officers or James to come and help her. Only strangers who stared and then walked away without a second glance.

“Mathew, what do you want?”

“It’s all because of you. Your smart ass and your badass mouth made me this. Do you see Scarlett? THIS!”

“It’s your own fault. Don’t blame me. You are the one who cheated. You are the one who sold your loyalty.”

“Do you think I am the first one to do that at Cyberatics? Do you think there is no one else who is, right now, selling off your precious encrypted files for million, no… make it billions, to someone else?”

Scarlett was shocked at Mathew’s words. There was another evil soul at Cyberatics? Oh my god!


Mathew laughed in her face, wickedness oozing from his eyes. “Pretty girl, did you really think I will tell you that? After I got chucked out of the office, that too without an experience certificate and after all the unofficial ‘public relations’ on my exit from the company, you really think I will give you a name? No company will take me in, not even as a menial employee. Do you realize that you have destroyed my life?

“You should have thought about before trying to strangle me. Listen to me Mathew, I have told you before also, but I am telling you again. Don’t put the blame of your own mistakes on someone else. And I don’t want you to tell me the name. I will find it out on my own.”

Mathew laughed aloud more menacingly at that. “Even you are not that powerful there Scarlett. But good luck with that, anyway. Before we part ways after this sweet rendezvous, I will give you one free advice, Scarlett. If you are wise, you will stay out of the mess. There is a very dark side to Cyberatics. Trust me, you don’t want to be stuck on that side. You could end up far worse than me. Unless you want to join that side. Then, it’s all good.”

What was he talking about! She knew all the members of the board and all the major developers and the Q&A team. They were all hardworking and earnest people. Who would do something like this… For a cybersecurity firm, there was nothing more dangerous than compromising their trade secrets or codes, for that matter. Wait, why should she trust Mathew? Didn’t he cheat in the first place?

“I know what you are thinking. Why I am helping you? Actually, I am not helping you. I am provoking you, to go in search of danger. I know the fate that awaits you if you meddle too much. So righteous… So loyal… Lady Scarlett… Watch your step honey… You are in for it now!”

Mathew chuckled seeing her expression and pressed a quick sloppy kiss on her cheek and walked away. Scarlett’s mind was beyond being boggled. It felt like she was falling in quicksand. She was losing control of everything around her. How could she now possibly trust her colleagues? What was really happening at Cyberatics? Whom should she go to for help?

The Lost & Found Spirit 38

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