The Lost & Found Spirit 36

curtain“Yes Mom, I got it. You wanted curtains for the new home and I am going to have to get it for you. I got…”

“I am so sorry honey, Now that there are no much days left I don’t have time to go sho…”

“Mom. If you repeat this one more time, I am going to get you the ugliest of the all the curtains in the whole world and hang it in your hall as a reminder to not to repeat anything more than five times. Okay?”

“Well, when you threaten me like that I think I will not say it again. But still Scarlett… Remember  to…”

“Get something in floral and in something pastel and nothing in net and nothing heavy. I got it, Mom… Please… And bye.”

Her mother was laughing on the other side of the phone. She was doing it deliberately. Scarlett had the weird doubt that her mother was enjoying this very much. But then, so was Scarlett. Not that she would ever admit it.

“Bye Tristan. I have to go. See ya in the eve… Try not to get too bored.”

“Too bored. As if… huh… Do you even know what it is to be actually bored? I’ll tell you sometime when I get out of here what it means to live a lifetime in the same stagnant moment. Bye Scarlett. And don’t go and meet that ass whom you are meeting every day. Come home soon. I am alone here. Come here and talk to me…”


At the shop, Scarlett was going through the various fabrics and designs trying to select one for her mother. She didn’t really know what sort of curtain her mother would like. She was worried if she wouldn’t like what she chose. Of course, her mother would never tell and would drool over anything she took home. She had given her a chance to build their sweet home together and she didn’t want to screw it up.

As she walked up and down the aisles examining different options and trying to remember how her old home had been, she bumped into someone.

“Ooops… I am sorry. I didn’t see,” Scarlett said eagerly.

“Apparently, neither did I see,” and the old lady smiled.

Scarlett was relieved that the lady was not offended and smiled back and said, “ I was lost in all the choices and I didn’t see where I was heading to.”

“If you don’t look where you are going, then your choices don’t stand much chance. By the time you finish choosing, you could be in a totally different scenario.”

“That is an absolutely loaded thing to say. An advice I am eager to take actually. Afterall we are the sum of our choices.”

“Thrown the load right back at me, haven’t you? One I am eager to take with me as well.”

And both of them laughed. The old lady must be in her late seventies with charming crinkles around her eyes. Her white hair neatly tied in an elegant bun. She was short, and reached only till Scarlett’s shoulders. She was not plump, nor weak or… She did not look her age at all. Her arms and fingers were wrinkled, of course, it would be. It’s her age to be wrinkled. Yet, it was not an aged sort of lines on her hands or face. It was beautiful. Scarlett wondered how she would look when she reached that age.

“Lost again?”

“Not really. This time I knew where I was going. So you can not really count it as being lost right?”

“Point, again. So made any selections yet?

“Hmm… My Mother has instructed me to get something in floral and in something pastel and nothing in net and nothing heavy. What do you think?”

“I think that is perfect. You should look on the other side of that mirror. There are some nice materials and…

“Will it be alright for you to help me out? I am not really good at this. Also, it’s always better to shop in company than alone. Please?”

“Hmm… Well, Okay…”

After an hour of much loaded and unloaded conversations, Scarlett finally selected the curtains for her mother and she was awfully pleased. At the entrance, they said their goodbyes and Scarlet walked back to her with a load of packages and she suddenly called out to the old lady and ran to her cab,

“Hey, I just realized after an hour of bothering you that I haven’t asked your name nor did I tell you mine. Terribly rude of me. Sorry. Can we start again? I am Scarlett Williams and you are…?

“It’s ok. I know you already dear. But if you must know, my name is Sophia. I think we will be seeing each other again.” And the car drove away.

The unexpected encounter sent a jolt of shock to her heart and took her breath away. Sophia.

Oh. My. Lord.

The Lost & Found Spirit 37

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