Happy Ending

Everyday I waited
Patiently for the God
To reveal signs and hints
That will lead to a bright future
And take me away from this place
Where even the leaves do not sway to the breezetime

Everyday I waited
For the intervention of destiny
Or was it the timely duty of fate?
To reveal the reason
Of why I have been given time, chance and an able body
What is my goal, aim, my means and end?

Should I check with astrology
Palmistry? Or Tarot?
Zodiac and sun and the moon sign
Is my time correct?
Are the stars where they are supposed to be?
Should I wake up in the morning facing east?

But now I am tired of waiting
Is it time to explore on my own
No God, no destiny and no fate
Seem to remember me
Was this my cue then
To start living and stop waiting?

Was the destiny all mine to make?
Was I responsible of writing my own fate?
Am I too late to start now?
But isn’t it better to be late than never…
Thus, it begins, this very moment
The story of my life.

Trust me, I swear,
It will have a great ending with a ‘happily ever after…’


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