The Lost & Found Spirit 32

open doors

That was loud. Phew… What the…

Scarlett was so shocked at the volume of his sound. Or was it the sound of his thought? Scarlett sat upright on the bed.

“What was that?

“That would be me, Scarlett. Angry. Like you have never seen me before. And you don’t want to see me like this. Ever.” Tristan’s sound was now cold and a controlled whisper. Had he been standing in front of her saying those words, she wasn’t sure she’d be leaving the room in one piece. His emotions were that tangible. To keep the charade going on Scarlett looked left and right and even under the bed, as a finishing touch and said aloud, “Who’s there?”

“Tristan, do you think I should call him here? I have been getting this feeling that there is somebody lurking in the house. You know, for protection, the classic concept of a strong man to protect the damsel in distress…”

Scarlett felt the tension in Tristan’s mind coming out in waves. He was not saying anything though. She felt pity for him, maybe she was pushing him too far. Tristan did not know that she was actually talking about himself. One day, if her instincts were correct, she will have the chance to tell him about this guy she was interested in. But for now, she decided to let him go.

“Or maybe not… Not yet at least…”

Once again she was surprised to feel this connection with Tristan who seemed to relax a little at her words but still tightly wound. It was scary and thrilling at the same time. Why she could feel him like this? This thoughts and emotions and why could she hear him? Who else could do this? Sophia? Who is she? Inspite of the confusions and questions in her mind, she was determined to continue to talk.

“He works at Chase? How long has he been working there? Please tell me the name… Please… Let it not be somebody I know… Because I am not sure what I’ll do if you are going out with someone I already know… Please…”

Oh. That was all Scarlett could think as a response. Now what…

“Hmm… let’s say it all a supposition as of now. Let me first find out what he has in his mind. Then I’ll tell you more. God knows I am in dire need of a man and some romance.”

“But Scarlett, please tell me the name… Oh my god, I am going to die.”

Scarlett continued in her mind, “Oh you are so not going to die Mr. Chase. You are going to come out of the frame and come to me. You asked me to wait and I will. And I think, I have been waiting for you all my life.”

The Lost & Found Spirit 33

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