The Champion Inside You

My daughter is obsessed with superheroes. She collects everything about them; be it pictures, toys, wallpapers, bedspreads, pillows, books, all sorts of merchandises that one can think of. Well, you can blame me for buying it for her. But when she negotiates with us and earns her superhero deal, we can’t help but keep our end of the promise.
She has her favorites heroes for different situations. She is fascinated by their out of the world capabilities, strength and personalities. Sometimes it worries me, that she is being drawn deeper and deeper into the unreal world. Whatever she sees for real is an extension of the fanatsy world she lives in. She dreams that Spiderman will come and whisk her away if ever her schoolbus gets into an accident. She imagines Captain America coming to her rescue if someone bullys her in the neighborhood. She prays everynight that she be blessed with any sort of supernatural powers that will make her a part of the Avengers.

On one hand I am happy with her that she identifies the wrong deeds and wants them to be stopped and appreciate her attitude to help people. But on the other hand, she is unable to see beyond the masks and quirks of these heroes.

She is only ten, maybe she will grow out of it. But I am afraid it will be a sudden jolt that might throw her off balance making her not believe in this world and lose faith in the other world as well. 

How do I tell her that a superhero is a champion who has conquered their inner fears and doubts? How do I make her understand that an ordinary person who is kind and compassionate and fearless is as much as a superhero as her Batman on the batmobile? How do I make her realize that she is already a superhero if she wishes to be and not wait to others to rescue her? 

I think it is time for me to be a supermom and make my daughter realize that all she has to do is believe in herself to be superhero. 

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