The Lost & Found Spirit 31

“You did not go to the office today, right? You never go to the office in such clothes. Where did you go?”

“Can you leave the balcony door open when you are going out? It is very boring once you leave the house. Then I don’t even feel like talking, but if I don’t talk I will go mad. There won’t be much sanity left in me when I come out. Why are you silent? What happened?”

Scarlett knew couldn’t remain silent for too long. She had begun a routine of reporting about her day to Tristan. It had been nothing but a de-stressing technique for her. Scarlett had no idea that Tristan was living through her tales of the real world. Should she tell about meeting Michael? Maybe Tristan will reveal something about his life and curse. But she didn’t know how to start. All these days she had talked without thinking. Now Scarlett was scared she’ll slip something absurd. Like the dinosaur disaster of the morning.

“So tired… You know Tristan, my parents are shifting to this city in another two weeks. I haven’t met them in more than seven years. Now that I am going to meet them soon, I feel an overwhelming anxiety and eagerness .”


Shit. That was the wrong thing to say to Tristan who had admitted how he missed his parents earlier in the morning.

“Umm… well…And you know what, I went to a café today. It was called Magic Brew and they had awesome pastries and things, I can’t remember most of the names now.”

Still nothing from Tristan. What could be wrong with this now?


“I know that place. How could I not know it? It is just around the corner of my company. They cater all our dessert orders for all functions. Or they used to, now I don’t know. It’s been so long…”

Foul again. What to tell him now? Scarlett had done nothing but think about Tristan and curse and what she could do. There was nothing she had to report which would not push him off the edge into another despairing silence.

“I am thinking of cutting my hair.”

“No.” Scarlett was amazed at the decisive manner of his response, as if there was no need for any more discussions as if it was not open for negotiation. Now it was her turn to be silent. After a few seconds, in a little milder tone he continued, “No way Scarlett. Don’t do that. It is beautiful. Why do you want to chop it off?”

“I am thinking off having it very short, sort of bob, and leave some bangs in the front.”

Goal. Tristan was distracted enough to think that her hair was beautiful. She grinned like a twelve-year-old.

“Why are you grinning like that? Where did you go? Did you meet someone? Did you go for a date?”

This was indeed a perfect scenario. Scarlett launched herself into the mission of getting Tristan to talk.

“I think I might have met someone. And I think he likes me too. Though I am not sure of it yet. Don’t you think a makeover is in order? Fresh and new look for a new turn in life?”

“He is an ass. Don’t date him. Wait for me, Scarlett.”


“Right. What was I thinking! Well, if you are going to chop off that hair to get his attention, then you are a fool. Don’t you think its bit off if he is going to like you depending on the length of your hair?”

Tristan was fuming. Scarlett had to bury her head in the pillow so that Tristan would not see her smiling.

“What now! God… Don’t tell me now you are shy!!! Gaawwdd… There is really no end to the mean twists in my life…”

Scarlett rolled on the bed, turning away from Tristan. It does feel good to play with him like this. But that’s not what she wanted. How to make him talk about his life?

“Hey Tristan, how about I get you a girlfriend? I mean I could buy another painting with a girl in it and place it next to you. I’ll look for one with the sea itself. So that you both will look like a couple painting.”

“I hate the sea. I am never ever going to the sea when I come back to life. I’ve had enough of the sea and had enough of waves.”

Still nothing. Earlier in the morning, he was talking so easily about what he wanted. Now that she wanted him to talk, he was blabbering all nonsense. What to do now…

“Who is the guy? What does he do? How did you meet him?”

Tristan, all curious and jealous! Wow.

“You have given me the perfect excuse to out with him. How about I ask his help in searching for the painting? He will definitely come, right? It would be rude to say no if I request. He works in that big company you know, Chase Holdings. He is some very big guy there. Very successful. And very hot…”


The Lost & Found Spirit 32


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