Yup… That’s me trying to figure out how to get back to writing everyday… Trying to find a way to organize my thoughts and not let them evaporate in this scorching heat…. I feel like a tourist who is searching for her misplaced passport, like someone who is desperate to get back to homeland. 

Poor Tristan… Indeed he is living a cursed life because of me. I am still searching for his lost spirit. I am unable to find the time in between my classes and routine to sit down and nudge him along the way to freedom.  

Sascha has finished three short stories, Devil doll gave the Wolf and Poppy their happy ending… MsBad started a new story…. And here I am… pathetically  stuck… 

But I am not going to quit nor leave Tristan hanging… Before May, that is before I complete a year of blogging,  I will lift his curse. (And mine as well) 

This is a promise to all the readers who still remember Tristan, who hates unfinished stories and to myself to never quit… 

This is a promise to keep trying until there is a happy ending…. 

2 thoughts on “Delays

  1. You are not alone and you will get there! Sure, I finished Poppy and the Wolf but what about Nick and Sienna? Then there’s Max in zombieland with the mysterious ‘D’ and his unnamed ‘Baby’. They’re waiting because I’m in a creativity wasteland right now, maybe I’ll see you out there, we can find an oasis, have a drink, and get some fresh ideas!

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