The Lost & Found Spirit 30


“What can I get you, my child?” The lady’s voice reminded her that she was hungry and ready to eat an elephant. All the walking and thinking had exhausted her. She was a happy woman, with an easy laugh, and probably someone who loved to eat and also make others eat. Feeling cheerful for the first time for the day, Scarlett said, “I am hungry enough to eat for an army. What do you think I should order so that the other customers here are not starved?

“Hahahaa… I know the best thing to get you. It’s good to see a lady with a good appetite; you know, with all these girls dieting, and trying to become bones and skin, you know, nobody knows how to appreciate good food. I’ll be right back with your lunch and I promise you, you’ll be back here again…hahahahaaa… and again….,” she winked and left.

Scarlett spent the entire afternoon at the Magic Brew doing some serious thinking under the pretense of reading. Somewhere in between a sumptuous meal and befriending Maggie, the chubby lady who kept feeding her cupcakes and pastries and donuts and several cups of Magic Brew, she finalized on a plan.

Since she cannot quit working and embark on Mission Chase, her first step was to listen to Tristan as much as she can and search parallelly for everything related to him. It all depended on what he talked about. Scarlett had already decided on not to reveal to Tristan that she could hear him. Also, she needed to find this lady Sophia who kept coming in his conversations.

Scarlett had no idea how much time all this was going to take. Her Mother had already sent her the details of their new address, flight, and arrival date. She had to prepare herself for meeting her Father after so many years. It gave her the chills and the butterflies. She was embarrassed and awkward. Then there was Tristan. It’s been nearly ten months since she bought that painting. Could Tristan see her and hear her? What all must he have seen? Scarlett hated these questions and the possible answers as well. No wonder he said she made him laugh. She was her most stupid and careless at home. It was no longer the same. There were two in her house, in her bedroom. Did this qualify as living together with Tristan? Scarlett laughed aloud at that.

How would it sound, if she walked to the nearest policeman and say that the missing Tristan Chase was hanging inside a painting in her bedroom? The police will immediately call a mental asylum van and pack her away! No questions asked. They will certify her mental right away. Hahahaahaa… Only if they knew…

While walking back Scarlett let her imagination run free and wild, now that she knew there were no boundaries and absolutely anything could happen. She deliberately delayed thinking about him declaring his love for her. It could be a passing comment, gratitude for giving him shelter, misunderstanding because he was lonely for too long. So many images of Tristan from the search results danced in front of her eyes. Will he be anywhere as good as the pictures? Will he forget her once the curse is lifted?

She came back to the front of Chase building. Such a magnificent business empire and Tristan worries that it might have started to slowly burn from the farthest of the corners. Personally, after meeting Michael she did not think it to be possible. One need not be a wolf to live along with them in the jungle. Tristan was wrong.

The Lost & Found Spirit 31

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