Survival Instincts

It is so hot outside that I run into air conditioned room or anywhere with a fan. Then I feel guilty. There are laborers working in the sun, crows and sparrows waiting for water dripping from taps. The are brave plants, holding up their tired stems, waiting  for rains.  

Whatever we are doing is not enough. We are still careless. We are still irresponsible. Only when the summers become unbearable we think of conservation. Only when it floods,  we think of environmental protection. We write essays,  conduct campaigns,  create hash tags…. I am one of the sinners, I know I am doing the same thing… Then the season changes and all these dissappears until the next calamity occurs. 

It’s hard not to see how difficult it is for man and rest of the living things to live in the increasingly changing climatic conditions. Yet, we do so less to change,  to control damage, to preserve. 

Lifeless concrete is taking over the land mass. Whatever is left over is covered with interlocking bricks. Plants and flowers do not know where to grow. There are no trees for birds to build nests. 

When it rains,  I worry how the water will seep into the mud. I worry about the water scarcity and cracked lands unable to support agriculture. During monsoon,  it floods, and I worry if it will wash away whatever is left. 

When I will have a family tomorrow,  I worry over how I will protect my children from the wrath of the summers? How will I explain the garbage heap that stinks? 

Whatever I have written is extremely inadequate with reference to the most hot and trending topic of discussion on environment, a sure thing on many a political and non political discussion tables. 

I know worrying is not the solution. And I do try to be a responsible inhabitant of this planet. Yet,  it is not enough. 

These are the worries of a simple ordinary human being,  who do not know so much about the overwhelming statistics regarding global warming and environmental degradation. But knows enough that, one day I will have to fight tooth and nail to give my children clean water, air and food and protect them against the sins the previous generations have committed. 

In response to the  Daily Prompt- Minimal

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