The Last Warning 

A long dress labelled me as old fashioned 

A short dress tagged me as a slut 

Got a little friendly with a male friend

You asked

Why I was being available to him

I stayed silent and watchful 

You whispered, ‘why are you so cold’ 

When I spoke against the wrong 

You termed me an activist,  feminist 

And if I don’t speak

You called me boring

When I demanded my right 

You called me arrogant 

When I forfeit myself

Then you call me weak
Instances many

Reasons and excuses could be any

I was labelled

Tagged, questioned,  judged

For your ignorance and shallow intelligence 
Do not mistake my silence as emptiness

Patience is different from tolerence

Tolerance is different from endurance

Endurance is different helplessness 

This is not a life time sentence

Terms and conditions applied

Your labels no longer bother me

Your chains no longer confine me

You think you are not labelled? 

Which one is apt? 

You choose one yourself – a parasite? 

A fraud or a beast?

A sadist, that is a definite… 

But you know what? 

You are not even worth mentioning.  

Forget labelling… 


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