The Lost & Found Spirit 26

spilled coffeeThe phone… where is the phone? Without opening her eyes, Scarlett searched for her phone on the bedside table.

“Ouch…” She hurt herself with the knife she had left on the bedside desk for safety. So much for safety! Well awake and sucking on the bleeding finger, Scarlett got up and searched some more and finally fished out her ringing cell phone from in between the cushions.


“Good morning darling… Did I wake you up? It’s already eight… Don’t you have to go…”

“Ohh Moooommmm…”

“You, my dear, now remind of old days…”

“Mmhmm… How was your vacation?” She was still sucking her finger.

“It was good. And well, it was quite a few months back, You did not call me after that.”

“I have been busy.”

“Too busy…”

“What? You called me to tell this?”

“Eh, No… Well, the thing is…”

“Wait, are you going for another vacation in another corner of the world?”

“Hahahaa… It not a bad idea at all, you know. What do you expect from two retired people with no work and no grandchildren to play with to do with the rest of their days on earth?”

“Ahh Mom, don’t even go into grandchildren… or forget that I even asked…”

“I’ll give you three guesses…”


“Try… I want to know your answers…”

“So, it’s not another honeymoon?”

“No, it isn’t”

“You got a lottery?”

“Hahaha… Nopes…”

“Hmm, You want me to come there?”

“I always want you to come here. It cannot be counted in this…”

“Then you are coming here?”



“Is that such a bad thing that you had to shout such a loud what?”

“No, I mean, it’s … never mind…”

“I will not be alone.”

“I know…”


“And what?”

“That you tell me…”

“Why don’t I tell you when you come here?”


“Is that such a bad thing that you had to shout my name so loud?

“Hahaahaaa… No dear… I was just not prepared to hear that answer from you.”

“Mom… Are you taking drama classes?”

“I don’t need them honey. I do have a couple of tricks up my sleeve.”

“Oh Lord, what a way to begin my day… still messing with me?”

“Why is The Lord messing with you? Man trouble?”

“Is that even a word? Mom, I am fine. It’s just an old habit; this talking with the Lord and myself.”

“You know, Scarlett, this is by far the longest we have talked without… I mean, it’s been a long time since we had a normal conversation.”

“Do you have to go into all that now?”

“Not so normal after all. And, no, we don’t have to go into all that at all… I am just happy. Very happy.”

Even she was happy. It was a relief. “When are you coming?”

“In another two weeks.”

“Hmm… Can I do something for you?”

“No, it’s all been arranged. Thank you, dear. Maybe you could come to pick us up from the airport?”

“Hmm… That?”

“Why not that?”

“Ok. I will come. Keep me informed about the details of your flight and address.”

“Thank you, dear. See you soon then. Can’t wait to…”

“To see me?”

“Well, that and… and to have my home sweet home back.”

“Now I am convinced that you are writing drama as well…”

“Okay then, I’ll send you the details. Call me if you want anything.”

“You call Me if you want anything, Mom…”

“Bye sweetheart…”


Scarlett felt really happy. It’s been actually too long since she let herself talk to her mother like this-like a mother and daughter, like friends. Though she had decided to get over the estranged relationships and stitch the torn pieces of her family, she had been stalling to make that call and finally tell her Mother about it. Thanks to her, without too much embarrassment, everything came to a smooth ending. Scarlett was now actually looking forward to meeting her father.

“Good morning Tristan.” And she went to make coffee.

But something was not right. Nothing changed yet something had changed. There were no eerie sounds. The sun was bright. It was a good day. But it was not right. Sipping her coffee, Scarlett walked into the bedroom again, with that nagging feeling in her heart.

“Did you also have a bad night? And please let’s not have a replay of my antics yesterday night. I was pretty freaked out.”

Scarlett sat on the edge of the bed sipping coffee and watched the painting. It was just like the first time she bought the painting. She could not see the face, forehead and those lips. Did she really imagine the painting to move? But then, what had happened during all those days?

“Throw me out, throw this painting out, Scarlett.”

Scarlett sputtered and choked on her coffee and fell off the edge of the bed.


The Lost & Found Spirit 27


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