What Makes it Red?


Roses after roses
Stacked up like a wall
You ooh and ahh
Over the Red that you see
Love notes on the petals
The fragrance that pulls closer
Its deeper in the center
Much better on the insides
Innocent victims draws closer
Naught a flower withered
Each bloom fresh and red
Enough to take your breath away.

What do you think it is?
What makes it red?
What makes you stop and look?

On the otherside flows
Red – much more deeper and darker
Too many hearts hang from the thorns
Some lost, some discarded
Some hurt and others in pain
Bleeding the love they lived and died for
They have cuts, gashes
They are torn and there are tears
Their veins suck
Life, love and passion
Filling and pumping romance into the
Blossoms on the other side.

In response to Daily Prompt : Expectations


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