Some Confessions are…


Ithihaas was tired and losing patience far more easily than he cared to admit.

A pair of eyes, or maybe more, was watching his every move.

Where he went, what he ate, who were with him, at what time he left work, how many beers her had… Chits of papers with one line messages, subtly threatening and warning him, kept sliding in through his door, some were tucked under the wiper of his car, some were written on the tissues at restaurants, behind retail bills, on the dust on the glass on the window…

It was absurd to file a complaint of stalking when he himself was a part of the Force that solved such cases. Damn… He has solved far too many cases. Some just, some unjust… Who was taking revenge for which case? If he could find atleast one dot, he swore he would find the next…and the next…

Suddenly he saw a shadow on the wet floortiles, slowly creep from behind. Great, he was having company in the shower.

Ithihaas turned and what he saw was like getting hit with a sledgehammer on the head.


Now everything was clear. There was no need of dots anymore to make a clear picture.

“She was innocent,” Vandana repeated what he must have heard atleast ten thousand times in a voice that felt like ice. “You killed her.”

He had learnt the truth very late and by then everything was too late.

“Yes, she was innocent,” he admitted. “I was wrong. By the time I came to know, it was…”

Vandana’s eyes widened a bit. This was not what she expected. The confession made it all too easy for her now. Without waiting for him to complete the sentence, she pulled the trigger of her pistol, hitting him right in the center of his heart.

Some confessions are no confessions at all…

Thank you MindLoveMisery’s Menagerie for the wonderful Photo Challenge.

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