Enchanting You

Thank You Rochelle and Ted Strutz for this week’s Photo Prompt.


Water? From where did the water come?

And why was it so hot? No, wait! Why will the sun shine like this inside a building?

This is what happens when you sleep less in the night and more during the day.

Her eyes struggled to open. Even the insides of her eyes hurt. She had been readingΒ Enchanting YouΒ for over a week now. Yet, she was nowhere near the end of the book and it was not even that thick. She slowly opened her eyes…Β 

Jane was stranded, in the middle of a shallow lake, sitting on her favorite chair with nothing around as far as she could see.

Back in her house, the book closed itself, smiling rather mischievously.


22 thoughts on “Enchanting You

      1. Oh Bravo Ms Skyfall! Well done! Trimming the “fat” has made your story so much better. And please forgive me, I forgot to welcome you to this crazy, wonderful group!

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  1. Dear Ms. Skyfall,

    First, welcome to Friday Fictioneers.

    I see your conversation with Dale so I’m going to jump in the middle of it. Yes, your story is quite long for the 100 word challenge. I would also challenge you to trim. I can see where you could do it and your story wouldn’t suffer. Personally I would start with swear words. They lend nothing to the piece.

    That being said, I don’t want you to feel unwelcome. I hope you’ll think about our comments. Hope to see you back.



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    1. Thank You Rochelle for the support and your suggestions. I have tried to bring the word count to 100. But I am still stuck at 121. Lol… Hopefully I can think of something more and lose the ‘fat’ in the story…

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      1. Dear Ms. Skyfall,

        Brava! You’ve done a wonderful job thus far. In fact, I think it’s a stronger story. 121 is a far cry from 210 ;). I’m sure you could lose those 21 words, but that’s your call. It shows that you are indeed up for the challenge and have given me a reason to smile.



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