Cant delay any longer 

Scrub it hard 

Rub it harder 

Scrape till it peels 

Wash with soap 

Liquid, bar and powder 

Blow it dry 

All the levels,

Nook and corner

Keep it open 

Let the sun in 

Let the stench go 

Give it some fresh air 

After all, it also has to breathe 

Its been reeking foul 

For far too long 

Spread too much poison already 

Dirty and untidy 

Infecting and festering 

Yourself and others 

Arranging and re-arranging 

Will not work any longer 

There is too much clutter 

Burn some incense 

Maybe camphor too 

Your soul has been stinking 

It makes me gag

Can not put off again 

Or what was rotten today will decay 

Faster than you can say 

Oh my God!


In reponse to Daily Prompt: Clean

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