A Wish…

The whole house was quiet and she was reading.
It was just a couple of minutes before midnight.
There was nothing unconscious or automatic about this.
She had been waiting whole day for the clock to strike twelve.
She wanted to know who will call to wish her first.
It was, after all, her birthday…


12 : 10 am

12 : 25 am

Her sister changed the name of the family group in Whatsapp and wished with many smileys of cakes and gifts.

12 : 45 am

01 : 30 am

Another friend sent a wish on the messaging app…

2 am

She went to sleep, with her birthday cake unlit…

Exhaling the birthday wish in a sigh…

Well, wasn’t she the most happiest girl in this world…!

“Happy Birthday to Me…”

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