The Lost & Found Spirit 21


Tristan’s heart squeezed and crushed and ached listening to Scarlett cry. He didn’t know what to do to help her. So, he decided to talk. Whatever came to his mind… whatever he knew… and felt… everything… he decided to tell her.

How will she hear the voice which had no sound? How will the words reach her in the other world? More often than not, Scarlett responded perfectly to what he had in mind, to his questions and thoughts. It might have been coincidence. He knew they shared a connection, but it could be just wishful thinking. He had faith but no proof. So he did the only thing he could… he talked to her…

Scarlett didn’t know how long she sat beneath the painting and cried. Eventually she ran out of tears and her fears melted. She was now just exhausted. She had already planned to work from home for next couple of days. She was taking a bath in scalding hot water when she heard it…

“…wish I could help…”

Scarlett sat alert in the tub, turned off the tap and listened. Did she hear anything? Was there anyone in the house? She waited again but heard nothing. Was it her imagination then? Maybe her neighbor had kept something on the TV. She didn’t know her neighbors nor their habits much. Well, that’s no surprise really. She didn’t even go into all the rooms in her house properly.

She wondered if her neighbors thought her as a privacy freak and workaholic. It wouldn’t be really far from the truth. She could be a socially active person. But the more she met people, the more she saw pretensions, fake smiles, more layers of make-up and louder empty laughs. No one seemed to be genuinely happy, including herself. Why was everyone so depressed? Scarlett frowned, that was a bit unfair. She was no one to judge them.

“But where are the happy people? I mean, really from-the-heart happy people?”

There were too many who were calculating, manipulating or masquerading lies. She lived a corporate life, right in the center of all this theatricals. Could she blame them? Maybe not. For being all the heroine on the outside, she was a jumbled up mess inside. Just like any other silly girl who had existential crises and break downs. The difference was Scarlett just hid it too well. She was also one of the million actresses on this stage.

She spent so less time here at home. Home. Scarlett sighed and laid back again in the hot water and forgot all about that voice. “Life is such a mess. I am successful. I enjoy working. But then I am dissatisfied and disappointed in life. Why? I can do anything I want. But there is nothing really I want to do other than go to office. Should I go for adventure sports or something? Where are all the people… is there not even one with whom I share a common wave length? One genuine soul… that’s all I need. Am I asking too much?”

“Maybe I should go somewhere… But, where? And alone…? Why AM I alone…?” she kicked the water.

“Where did I go wrong…” and she dunked completely into the water, trying of get rid of all her irrational, stupid and worrying thoughts.

Scarlett had the very bad habit of walking and having food. She was standing on the balcony in her bedroom and finishing off her dinner and the very little wine she dared to have, when she heard the voice again.

“…only if you knew…”

“Was it the wine again? Shit. I shouldn’t have had it.”

“…hurts like hell…”

Scarlett dropped her plate and glass, stood still for a moment, not really knowing what to do. It was not the wine. The voice was clearer now. There was indeed somebody in the house. “Only if I knew what?! Dear God… What exactly are you doing with me? Am I your favorite toy or what? Please, give me a break. You are adding too much excitement in life. Watch it, okay, please…?” Scarlett clutched the railings hard.

“…more than ever, I wish, I could just… at least once…”

There it was again the rumbling thundering voice. All the hair on her body was up, ready to march off. And her heart? It was also working frantically, pumping blood everywhere, and juicing up her limbs ready for anything – a fight or flight…

If she heard the sound again, she was calling 911.

And then she heard the voice sigh; a heavy heartfelt deep genuine and painful sigh.

The Lost & Found Spirit 22


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