Dear Zarqa…


Dear Zarqa,

It’s insane. Blunder. Danger. Stupidity. I know.
I am sorry. But I had to reach you, had to tell you.  
Agreed, we didn’t talk for more than twenty minutes.
But I have not had moment of peace after that.

You haunt me Zarqa…
Your eyes
The grace in your movements
The shyness in the tilt of your head
That ring with a single ruby on your delicate finger
The half hidden mole on the side of your cheek
The tip of your nose… the corners of your lips
I don’t know…



I know your name means bluish green eyes…
A beautiful name for a beautiful lady with beautiful bluish green eyes.

Forgive me if I am not making sense, but you have to know…  

I love you.

Since the moment I met you, every breath was taken in your name.
Every second away from you is agony, the one I have to live with, I know.

You hid, yet I have seen
The flare of desire in your eyes for me.
I know that smile on your lips was for me. 
I know you suffer, just like me. 
Your words are muffled. 
There are sentinels guarding your freedom.
This world do not understand the language of hearts.
Because this world is afraid of love.
Yet so eager to embrace hate.
They make rules which nobody wants to follow.

I am starstruck with love, but no fool.
We can fight, but we will lose.
Hurt and pain will be the only thing left. 
We will be hunted, worse than beasts and evil spirits.
Call me a coward. Call me selfish.
But that is the only way to keep you safe.  
So my love, lets live, with this love in our hearts. 

But before I go raving mad with longing…
Before the world finds out and kills me… kills us…

Meet me. Just once. One last time.
I ask nothing more. No promises. No vows.
You don’t even have to love me back.
Look into my eyes once, know that you are truly loved.
Let my love live in your eyes for a minute.
And I’ll leave.

I will wait for you at the café near the St Augustine Church around four in the evening.


Yours forever,


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