The Masterplan

So I quit my job
To execute the masterplan
Thought I will study and write that exam
Get the high profile job
It was not really for money
But I still wanted it…

But then I saw another ad
For baking and cooking classes
Must be fun
Make cakes and eat cakes
Bake and sell cakes
I’ll make money the sweet way ha ha
I left my books and took up pans and pots

Then a friend in the class
Told me about the benefits of home nursery
Plants and flowers and begonias and bonsais
People always wanted to make up
For the lost garden in the apartments
Oh I did have a trerrace!
Bought pots and earth and manure and fertilizers
I dreamed of butterflies and bees
Bringing me good luck and happiness

A neighbor advised while I was watering the plants
Why do all this when you can earn faster
Become a money chain agent
pansTake help of friends and family
You can go for vacations to far away places
You don’t have to wait for seasons
All, you have to do is talk
And your purse will fill
I had always wanted to to Singapore
Talk! Ha… I could talk your ears off…
Watch me…

So I went to my friends, family and neighbours
A few listened with interest
The rest with impatience
Then my uncle silenced me with a warning
I came back lost
Saw the forgotten pots and pans in the corner
Withered plants and dried flowers
Might have lost a few friends too…

I should have studied and given the exam
Should have listened to myself and not others
Should have made my own future
Now the unseen future is more unclear
It’s a haze, a never ending maze.

The face in the mirror smiled
“Its still not late…
Start now, or you’ll lose another year
Or worse, still many more
Look into your heart, Let the light guide you”

Somebody came knocking
“Did you know there is a craft workshop starting tomorrow.
Make the best out of waste
Make it your hobby and lo!
You wont even know when you became so rich, Ha!”

The books called
The pans warned
The flower pots cried
“Oh That’s good.
But I have a an exam to write
A goal to achieve
Maybe you should come later.”


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