The Golden Lights

This day only comes once a year. It was only during this day that she dared to come close enough, to see the lights reflect in the water. 

It was only on this day that she surfaced  instead of plunging deeper and deeper into the dark abyss where even the sunlight does not reach. 

On this day, there were glowing  globs of lights everywhere along the side of the river. Even that yellow tower shone in the night, casting long golden reflection into the water. 

There were lights in the sky too. Nothing like the tiny million stars. But beautiful, nonetheless. They just suddenly burst into the sky in beautiful patterns. It lasted only for a short time; like the time taken to take a round of that small island she visited occasionally. But it was always worth it. The last time she came, she had kept count, around 360 days. When she could wait no longer, she hovered on the edges, careful not to be discovered, and waited. Her  eyes were eager to see the magical lights. 

As usual, this year also it was breath takingly beautiful. Her hair, skin and eyes glowed in that light. She longed to reach out and touch the sparkling circles of different colours that burst and disappeared. It was all over too soon. Now she will have to wait another 360 odd days to see the magic again. 

Slowly and reluctantly, she withdrew into her own world with a last look at the skies, silently promising to visit the same time next year. Someday, in another life, she will look at those lights till she saw nothing else. 

Nobody saw the beautiful woman with golden hair in the water, except the lifeless statue of the swan. Nobody saw her beautiful fins shine… Nobody saw her twin tails swish and play hide and seek with the reflections… Nobody saw the little mermaid celebrating her new year. 

In response to Sue’s Thursday Photo Prompt and Daily prompt Someday

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