Why Not? 


Tempted to run into your arms 

Your broad shoulders an invite 

Warm me up, will you? 

Hold me tight, can you? 

I know not to put in words 

All that my heart whispers 

So, take my hands in yours 

Feel me burn for you 

Let our eyes collide 

See what gives me life 

In the depths of my plain dark orbs 

Or shall I slash open a blue vein? 

So that you can see the red love bleed

Or wash your feet? 

In the salt water lake in my eyes 

How about you tie me up?

Try how much pain I can take?

Or tickle me in the oddest corners? 

I promise, ll bend over and laugh

Lungs are never romantic 

But leave your open palm on my chest 

Feel your name, beating the drums in there 

You hear me, don’t you?

You believe me, don’t you?

But… love me?

Why don’t you?


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