Through the Window

​The window of her house was always open. Grace welcomed the rain, the breeze, and the snow with equal love. The birds came to tell her their stories and autumn leaves made her garden their final resting place. 
Years passed. Seasons changed. Her black hair turned silver. Her cheeks sagged and wrinkles supported her eyes. Her elbows creaked and joints groaned. The paint on the window sill faded. Termintes claimed the wood, storms poked fun at her, and the thunder bullyed her. Still she never closed the window. 

Every one asked her why she never closed that window. Grace’s only reply was a mischiveous smile. Her brother had tried to close the window once. But the sparrows and the parrots and even the woodpecker came knocking. The wind lashed at the window in anger and knocked it open and stole the latch; challenging the intruder to try closing the window again. 

Grace left it open for Arthur, for he always sneaked in through that window. Even before he went for the war. He had jumped into the room through that window and had kissed her senseless and breathless before leaving. He said, “Grace, leave that window open for me, will you? When I come back, I can’t run all the way down that godamn half a mile driveway of yours… I need to get close to you and fast…” 

Grace sat by that window and watching and waiting. Arthur will leap into the room anytime and kiss her again. She watched the moon shine and the bats and fireflies fly  in the sky through that window. 

“Grace…? Sorry I am late.” Arthur  had come through the window once again.

“You are never late darling.” 

“I don’t like that driveway of yours.” 

“You never came in that way… Then why are you complaining now…” 

“No, Just thought you would like to know that I am not planning to take you out that way…” 

“Then how? You don’t have wings…. Do you?” 

“As a matter of fact, I do. And so do you.” 

Grace looked at her sides and indeed there it was. 

“Oh Arthur, I have wings!” 

“Darling, you always had. Its just that you saw them now!” 

Grace was beaming at Arthur and fluttering her wings… 

“So, Shall we then?” 

“Yes. Can’t wait anymore.” 

“You don’t have to my love. You’re mine. And I am taking you away with me. Forever.” 

Arthur kissed her, just like before, senseless and breathless. It was like all those years  were never there between them. He took her hands and soared into the night sky through that window. 

As the last breath left her body, the breeze gently closed the window.  

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