The Lost & Found Spirit 14

Scarlett  tested the name on her lips. Tristan Chase. “Its a wierd name, isn’t it? It will look funny if the person did not have the personality to carry off the name. But this guy  in the photograph seems to be doing a good job of turning a title case ‘Tristan Chase’ into all caps ‘TRISTAN CHASE’… If you know what I mean…” Scarlett wondered aloud while pacing in the bedroom.

” So, are you… Tristan Chase? ”

The question hanged in mid-air for few micro seconds and then Scarlett cheerfully extended her right hand to the painting and said, “Hello Mr. Tristan Chase… Pleased to meet you.”

Tristan from the other side of the frame thought, “Oh, the pleasure is all mine lady…. All mine.”

“That’s a perfect start to the day right! Just perfect. So now I can proceed to make a few other announcements and promises to myself and you are my witness.”

Tristan marvelled at this lady’s ability and control over life and her mind. For three months she grieved and hid and ran and now here she was, after defeating all the demons and worries. She resurfaced from the rock bottom and that too on her own. Was it real? Or was it a part of her defense mechanism?

“1- I will not work like the zombies are gonna take over the world next moment and also let the staff, who almost became zombies because of me, to have break. I really  really need to appreciate them for enduring me and all their hardwork.”

“2- I will call my mother and father and invite them here, after their honeymoon in Venice. Its time to end my self-imposed lonliness. I dont know, l mean, its going to tough, awkward and emotional and teary. But, I guess, all’s well that ends well.”

“3- I am going to fire that effing bloody A-hole out of the office. I have had enough of him. The company almost lost a deal because he couldn’t get his pants on and present himself in that meeting on time. That is just not the way things are done in my office. People get late for N-number of things. But laziness?! No baby. Mathew is so going to hear a piece of my mind today before I chuck him out.”

“Who is Mathew now? Poor fellow… He is totally screwed.” Tristan thought as he secretly sneaked a look at her and remained like that. Anyway she was not going to notice.

Scarlett was a mighty sight when angry. One can actually see smoke coming from her nose. There is something very regal in the tightly controlled anger on  the insides and the chilling calm  on the outside. It was dangerous and extremely potent. Tristan knew it from his own experience. But unlike him, Scarlett got angry for genuine stuff. He indeed had a lot to learn from her.And she has already seen his photograph in that newspaper. Did she like what she saw?

“4-…” She was counting on her finger and looked and Tristan and said, “I am going to eat whatever the hell I like. Fuck calories. Fuck weight. To hell with size zero. I could die tomorrow. So whats the point of not enjoying what I love?! If cupcakes and chocolates were sin, then so be it.”

Tristan watched her in fascination. She did not make the declarations like a queen, rather it was like ticking off the items on a grocery list. For the world, Scarlett was formal and sophisticated but at home she was crude. Not that anybody was there to watch. It was just that, she let down her armour and was more natural and unfrettered. Tristan liked her better like this.

Gone was the moody and irate Scarlett. Her face and eyes were alight with cheer and happiness. She looked truly relaxed and had finally thrown away the burden of the 7 bitter years and troubled heart.

This Scarlett Williams, who was a bundle of  restless twittering birds, and a dragon (though he did not see the dragon side much, Tristan was very sure of that), soft as snow and had layers like a blooming lotus; was a treasure to behold. He realized that he will happily give away anything, his fortune and life for this little fireball. Anything for yhis Scarlett. 😉

” Hey, what the.. I can see more of your face now in the painting! Was it always like this? Or is this my imagination? Did you just move Tristan? Did you turn around to check me out?”

The Lost & Found Spirit 15


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