Unexpected & Unwanted Twist

The romance that never happened

Tomorrow is my last day in this office. Its been an exceptional journey for many reasons at so many levels. Tomorrow, the company is celebrating its thirteen years of service and there is a helluva games and celebrations going on.

Its been fun, really. Races, games, challenges and goodies for the winners. And yes, of course a lot of dressing up and color codes.

Everything is fine, except the Hero.

I never got a chance to meet him. Now it’s almost two weeks that I have not seen him. I was not there for a few days and later he went on leave. If he doesn’t come tomorrow also I don’t think I ll see him again, ever.

Every day I came to the office, making up my mind, that today no matter what I will tell him about my crush and The Crushing Saga. But, everyday, his seat remains empty and the IM adds one more day as Away.

My heart is heavy with unexpressed feelings and dreams. I do not want to vanish from his life without a last word, a last look.

This was not the twist I dreamed of.
This was not the fairy tale I wanted.
This was not the ending I was planning on.


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