The Damn Candy

Walked around the house twice 

Checked the stairs thrice 

Behind the curtains, under the sink 

Inside the wardrobe 

Underneath the rug 

Found nothing, just a bug 

Searched the bedsheets 

Tossed the flower pots 

Sniffed the pots and pans 

Glasses and vases 

Still, nothing 

Where did it vanish 

Where did it go 

Knees ached with all this investigation 

Finally snuggled on her favourite cushion 

Near the grandma chair 

Lo! There  it is  sneaking under the chair 

The pink wrapper candy 

So yummmmyyy

She sqeezed inside and pawed it out 

Damn, the wrapper wouldn’t come out

She tried with her nails

She tried with her teeth 

She swished her tail

And thumped her paws

Still it wouldnt budge 

So angry she was 

It made her growl and hiss 

Her whiskers shivered and fur stood up

The wrapper still would not come out 

So much for walking around so much 

Damn the candy! 

Damn the candy!!! 


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