More than Love

It takes courage to push away the love

You cannot reciprocate

To say no because you don’t deserve it

You need to pick the exact perfect lie

From the panoply of hurtful words

The one thing that will hurt them too much

You need to be brave to ignore the fact that

It will hurt you more than it hurt them

You need an iron will to keep a straight face

And yell at them to go to hell

You need to be the stronger one

To let them live

So that you can live knowing that

Sometimes, love is not just

Red roses and wine and kisses

It is ignored truth, silences, and bitter words

It takes more than love to love

But, it takes even more than that to let go…

7 thoughts on “More than Love

  1. Beautiful poem dear, I love to do daily prompts too. They are such nice inspiration st times. Great blog you have, very pleasing to eyes. May I know your theme’s name ? Keep smiling always 😊🌹

    Liked by 1 person

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