The Lost & Found Spirit 10


Scarlett woke up late to the angry hot sun. She was dead tired, as if she had been running up a hill and had not slept at all. All hopes for her peaceful vacation was now squashed. She didn’t want to stay in the house, doing nothing. She needed action. So, the first thing she did after getting rid of her sleepy husky voice was to call back to her HR and tell to cancel the rest of her leaves. She was done vacationing.

Hell. Crap. Bloody Bullshit. It was a long bad night.

“Yesterday was a mess, huh..? Shit happens from time to time here as well. Better get used to it than cry over it, right…? Welcome to my beautiful world,” she said to the painting and left the room. One more day to kill before she went back to office. Scarlett bitterly thought that she was not meant to be a sit-at-home person, after all.


She was going back to work. Now what will he do. He had nothing to do and see or hear for the major part of the day. He was afraid he will go mad if she left him and went. He was scared there wouldn’t be much left of him then once he came out of the frame. That is, if he came out of the frame at all.

She sounded so bitter. She was so badly wounded and hurt. With nothing to do or think he was becoming very good at understanding her feelings as well as his own. He had been counting on her, believed that she was his saviour. Though he knew they had a connection, he did not know how to establish it with her. His only means were her spoken words and stolen glances. Now, that will also be lost. He was getting desperate and depressed. He wanted to cry. How bad was that…

“Huh… Is this what you wanted? Was this the purpose behind cursing me? To give hope of life and then take it way? Is this what I did to you?,” he asked the Gods above and the woman who had cursed him.


She worked like a maniac. Crazed with a purpose, ready to annihilate anyone who came in her way or hindered her plans. Scarlett worked like the world was going to end and made everyone around her also work in the same frenzy. She demanded too much of herself and gave even more. Employees working along with her also worked non stop like ants to reach up to her standards. Nobody dared to tell her no or even admit their difficulty to match her pace. She built a work culture and ethics that tolerated no flaws or loop holes for mistakes. Week after week, Scarlett worked at a relentless pace, making up more than ten times for her 6 days of holidays.


Scarlett had stopped talking, to him and to herself. He wondered was she the same woman who made silly jokes and muttered to herself and blushed at James Bond movies. His heart was aching to see her chasing her demons like this. He missed her. He wasnt even able to see her properly. She has been coming late everyday, sleeping exhausted without even changing her dress and leaving too soon. She did not sleep peacefully either. She was troubled by nightmares, which he knew nothing about. It was killing him to hear her anguished groans and fretful murmurs. He longed to take her into his arms, smooth her worries and kiss her to sleep. There was no greater hell than helplessly watch someone you care for wreathe in pain, fight fire-breathing dragons with their bare hands. Every night Scarlett was troubled with nightmares, waking up screaming into the pillow, he died a little and prayed more than a little. And then a little more.

She never stayed in the house more than necessary. Even he knew, this was going to kill her sooner than she could imagine. Scarlett needed to stop. He was worried, paranoid actually, unable to stop her, care for her. An ocean of love and care and its gigantic waves were tossing and turning in his heart, hitting its walls and hurting him. He was in agony. There was no other word for it.

He wanted to hold her shoulders and shake her up and put some sense into her mind. He wanted to stop her so that she could let out a deep breath, sigh and give her heart a moment of rest. He wanted to ease her alert nerves and calm her pulse. He wanted to just hold her for hours, untill she became a part of his own body. He wanted to be there for her as a wall to protect, as a couch to snuggle, as an anchor in her life, as a shadow, as light, as air and water. He wanted to be alive for her, he wanted to die for her. But he was scared Scarlett’s heart was thumping more than its capacity to keep her up and running. “Ohh God, somebody needs to stop Scarlett from killing herself. Please save her. Please… Please help her…”

The Lost & Found Spirit 11


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