I Will Not Repeat


I will not repeat the story again
Friend, your one casual statement
Put the whole liability
Back onto my soul
Fine then, it was my fault
Already I’ve taken responsibility
Of so many sins
Both his and mine
One more, doesn’t really count.

Yet, this one thing
This one violation
I needed to blame
On another person
I have pleaded my innocence
To just a trusted few
Yet, nobody understood
Could I still call them ‘trusted few?’
I don’t know

The cross is now
Back on my shoulders
Maybe its always been
My burden to carry
No matter how many times I say
It was not just me
I still stand alone

So be it.
You wont see me cry again
You wont hear me whine again
I will not repeat the story
Words will not lend life to it again
Let death claim it as its own

In response to Daily Prompt: Elicit


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