A Whiff of Life

incenseLife on this side of the wall
behind the bars
In orange scrubs
And barefoot
Do not feel so awful
When the wind brings in
A whiff of life.

The fragrances of different seasons
Mementos of good times
Names written on fallen autumn leaves
A wanderlust handkerchief
An 11 year old’s birthday wish
Sweet scent; lightly mingled with sweat
Igniting passion.
The wet earth smell after a drizzle
Sometimes echoes of laughter
Or a surprise scream
Aroma of warm bread and sauce and freshly baked cookies
Payers hanging on the grey smoke of incense
And all the other worldly smells

The sins are forgotten for a while
The sun shines bright for a while
Remember, there is a path outside
Different from the familiar black roads
Count the days, begin now
One day, the gates will open
And declare you free
No shackles will shadow your future
Things will just be normal; ordinary

The walls maybe thick and high
Its just for now
As long as the wind brings
hope and faith
To the other side of the wall
Life in orange scrubs
And barefoot
Does not seem so awful.

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