The Lost & Found Spirit 9

glassLife has a unique way of teaching things. All through the night, Scarlett narrated several stories from her childhood, some happy, some sad. He was no saint, was not a man known for sympathy, empathy, love, care, or compassion. But now, he felt it all for this one woman and all those whom he must have hurt. Somehow, she was transforming him — the still life painting— into a human, much more than he ever was. He could feel her melting his insides, the arrogance and the avarice, slowly percolating into something soft.

Hearing her talk, he thought about the suicided employee and his mother and family. There were a hundred million questions about them in his mind without answers. He knew the past years inside the frame he had apologized and regretted his actions. But tonight, he felt it deep in his heart. Tonight he felt truly sorry for all those people. He felt he was seeking forgiveness for the fist time. “It is not how many times you apologize, its how true your apology is.” For the first time, in many long years, he felt little less burdened, little less confined, little less heavy.

There was no way he would have learnt all this if he was out and walking and living as a real person in the real world. His old self would never have spent time to pause and look at what was happening in others life. He would never have given a second thought in consideration of others. For the first time since his life began inside the frame, he realized there was a bigger purpose behind the curse, a bigger frame and a noble end.

Scarlett was perfect in the first glance. No one would guess her hurt hearing her silly jokes. She was born into happiness, but grew up in bitterness. What about him? He was born into money, and all he wanted was more money. She knew nothing was permanent in life and he had taken everything for granted in life. Despite the dark patches in her life, Scarlett believed in rainbows. He had towered over people like a bulwark, making their life more bleak, enjoying their helplessness. He was born evil. She was an angel, who hid her halo and wings. She was not the one to ask for attention and respect, she earned it. But he had demanded it, and punished those who went against him.

He thought about the life he lived. He was 32 when he was cursed. He was a shrewd businessman, sharp and decisive. He did everything from sports to tango to archery. He believed he could do anything and everything, until he could do nothing. A lesser known fact about him was his artistic skills. He was a natural with paint and brush, he knew the stroke of each bristle of the brush, the hundred million hues of each colour. He never painted much though. The one thing he had cared enough to paint was the Makaha beach in Hawaii, which eventually became his prison for the last five years and dont know how much longer.

Thinking back, he realised, how much his painting skills contrasted with the rest of his personality. Artists and creative people were supposed to be good souls. He nowhere fit under that description and yet when he held a paint brush in his hand, it possessed a will of its own, knowing what to draw and how to draw. He wanted to draw again. Maybe there was something good in him after all… He wanted to draw Scarlett. When, though was a big question…

All these years, what had he accomplished? Money,yes. Name, yes. Though a rather notorious one. Friends? Did they also consider him the same? How was his business going on? Who was running it? Did it prosper or was it grazed to the ground? Were people looking for him? He was not aged, but life still moved on. How was he going to catch up? How was he going to explain his absence? Was there anyone who wanted him back? How will he be received when he went back? What was he going to do when he got his life and heart beats back? Again, when…

The Lost & Found Spirit 10


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