Take a Walk in the Mist

Leave the crowded city behind  

Sewage and wastage

Discarded, by you and me.

Away from blinking traffic, 

Poorly maintained roads 

Rash drivers and rule breakers

The in-frequent round-abouts 

Ignore the constant swearing 

Of every driver on the road 

Pray for every passenger and pedestrain 

Who risks their lives 

In this crazy haze of exhaust and smoke 

Get up early one day 

And go for a hike 

Or take your car, go for a ride 

Into the misty moutains

Or take a walk

In the forests blanketed in cloud 

See the colours 

Blue green white and brown 

Feel the taste of pure air on your lips 

Talk to the birds, monkeys and grasshoppers 

Watch butterflies, eagles and even crows

When you come down the hill

Dont forget to bring back something

Maybe a few colours

Fresh fragrance and a few bird songs

Scatter them in the city air

Let her also live a while

Slowly and deeply, 

Let the fresh air percolate

Into her veins that run dry


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