The Lost & Found Spirit 5

She was being weird. Really weird. In just couple of days, she had become attached to the painting. For God’s sake, she saw attached to a painting! how crazy was that? A visit to a psychologist or psychiatrist could happen any time now. But there was no denying not the fact that she liked it, the insane ramblings. It was in a way good that the painting can not say anything. If it could, the guy in the painting would definitely have told her to shut up, at least ten times by now, or maybe more. The thought did not exactly give a relishing image.

The guy in the painting. That will definitely not do. It was too troublesome. But the thing kinopoisk.ruwas she could not fix on any name. She had gone through all the names of men in her family, friends, office, film stars, singers; and she still could not fix a name. She was sitting in front of her system and browsing without any aim. All the time keeping an eye out for interesting names. Ten days off from office and she was hunting names for a man in a painting. This is indeed a phenomenal new level of how interesting ones life could get.
She needed to get out. Go for party? Club? Movie? Shopping? Yeah, definitely shopping! But What? Nevermind mind. “I ll just roam and walk and have coffee and dinner maybe and shop inbetween.” With the day’s agenda set, she had nothing much to do. She spent the afternoon lazily reading a book and watching an old James Bond movie, Goldeneye. She had always like Pierce Brosnan or maybe she like the Bond he played.

She walked up and went to the painting. “The name is Bond. James bond. It’s so sad that my name doesn’t have that punch of Bond. Just Imagine if I say my name like 007, how it would sound?” She folded two of her fingers and pointed the rest of her right hand and made it like a gun and said,” The name is Williams, Scarlet Williams.” She burst out laughing. “That’s just absurdly funny. No!!! Pathetic…! Ewww…. If Ian Flemming or any Bond movie directors hear heard this, they would vomit.”

“Wait… You have the same hair as him. Were you also a Bond of Fan? Ooopss… Sorry fan of Bond?”

“Did your name have a punch? Did it make people stand up and take note?” She paced in front of the painting. “I can’t finalize a name for you. I am not satisfied with anything. I never knew naming someone would be so tough. But I will and it will have enough punch to knock out at least three people. You can thank me later for that.”

She stopped in front of the painting again, ” I wish you could give me a hint…” She stared at the painting silently for a few minutes. “I am going out for shopping in the evening. Want to join?” Scarlett felt so girly and flirty. Yikes, with a painting.? What the hell. It was a little hard for her to use the F word. She never swore. Hell and bloody was the maximum she ever got swearing. The guy in the painting was making her use both quiet a lot though.

“You….! You, The man in the painting…. What… Who… No, what I mean is… why…” She sighed and scolded herself, “Oh Scarlett.. Will you please shut up and forget it…? I think I need to do something…I…I… am going for shopping… That’s what sane women when distressed do… I need to see real human beings…for the love of God… someone whom I don’t have to give a name and someone who can,” she turned and looked at the painting with a wishful expression, ” some one who can talk back… for a change…”

But before leaving the house, she came back to the painting, ” I am sorry. I was rude. I was so insensitive. Dont worry, I am not dumping you. I’ll be back soon. Promise.” She twirled in her dress in front of the painting, “Won’t you just turn and look at me? Beautiful or just nice? What say? Do you think good looking guys will ask me out? Check me out, at the least??? ” She stood there with her eyes closed for two minutes. ” Will you miss me while I am gone?”

“Miss me… Please miss me…”And she left.

The Lost & Found Spirit 6


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