Look, what you have reduced me into…

im-not-stalkingTransforming into a stalker

It was rather painfully slow transformation, I agree. Also, I lost interest halfway through. It is no longer a crush but an obsession. Or like a mission, just to know more about him. He seems so out of reach that I want to access some part of him. For my personal satisfaction, to pacify my ego. (terrible stalker tendencies!)

So what did I do? The most obvious thing. Why didn’t I think of it before? I checked his Facebook account. In my case it’s not so obvious though, because I do not have a Facebook profile. So I borrowed my roomie’s account and searched. For like ten minutes.

I did not do a thorough research. I felt so guilty. But yes I found his native, age, full name, his past job and holidays, No girlfriend image too. Yo!!Yo!! I also saw the photographs of a younger version of the Hero. He was so cute! Just a boy…Awwww….

I couldn’t bear to see more or read more. I felt terribly intrusive and rude.

Look, what you have reduced me into… and you don’t have a clue…


2 thoughts on “Look, what you have reduced me into…

  1. Don’t be guilty. Everyone here in the blogging community I believe has experienced stalking someone, at some point in their lives – whether on facebook or any other forms of social media. Perhaps some have even done it with flair – and in person. 🙂 And remember, if it’s made available in public, it means you’re allowed to see it. ^_^

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