Forget a Million!

money1,000,000 is not enough.
You can bid more, I know.
You have become rich, but not that rich
You can not buy the life I lost because I spent my time with you
Cannot replace the nights I prayed that you understand me
Can not replace the ache in my heart or give back my lost heart beats

It is not enough to make me forget the countless hours
I spent waiting for you
It is not enough to wipe off the tears I cried over your hurtful ways of love
It is not enough to ignore how you roared me into silence;
How you ignored my patience and peseverence into oblivion.

So much and it is still not enough
To heal the wounds you carved on my heart
To stitch back the soul you tore into shreds
To forget how you singed my skin, trying to claim power
To forgive your cruel pleasures

You can offer ten times more
And it would still not be enough
To come back into your life
To even turn back for that last look.
You are not worth even a penny.
Forget a million!


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