The Sun and The Moon

the_sun_and_the_moonWhat is the best way out of an obsession? It is distraction. And that is what I found in Kabir. After that fateful Friday night party, I met him only a couple of times. Our time lines do not cross much because he works in the nigh shift. Even if it does, it because we both have too much of work. It’s hardly the right time to build friendship, when all you want to do is just cuss at everyone and crash on the bed and eat ice-cream right out of the carton.

Kabir knows how to deal. He reads the invisible signs and signals.He knows where to start and when to stop. He does not push and waits till the time is right. He did not seek me out the next day after the party. He did not ask me my phone number. He did not send me an IM msg. I met him at the door when he was coming in for work and I was leaving for the day. We talked for ten minutes about how bad my Monday went and how bad his Monday is going to be. (I don’t know anybody who ever said they were in love with their work.) After that a couple of times, when I stayed back to finish some work, we talked again. Once on IM and the other time over a coffee. We became friends.

Along with the hectic work schedule, this interaction with him has taken my mind away from my obsession for the past few months. Maybe it was not that strong or great an attraction and infatuation, after all. Maybe it was not meant to be. Maybe I imagined a lot of things, read too much into the reactions of the Hero. Perhaps, he was not my Hero at all. I don’t know what is my relationship status now. Out of crush or still crushing??? (Shrugs) I am taking a break.

Kabir has a lot of charm. All bottled up and stocked up inside. He gives friendship more space than flirty allure. For me, I guess, that’s a good enough reason to be with him.

All this time, I was chasing the sun which was too far and too bright for me. I think, I will stop and just enjoy the sunset. Who knows, the evening stars could be just as beautiful as the sun. Or the next dawn will give me wings to fly closer to the sun.

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