She fell down, but she got up

She fell everywhere
Tripped over her own feet
Tree roots, steps, stones and pebbles
Tables and carpets, sometimes nothing, really
She was nervous and ashamed
Always embarrassing herself and those with her
She never understood why she kept falling all over the place
Clumsy, trippy, graceless and gawky
fallHow many feet you have…and all other jibes taken in stride.
She was used to it
Everyone around her was also used to it.

That day also she fell.
Tripping over her feet on the steps in front of the church
But, before she could get up
She saw a hand extended to her.
All her life she fell down.
In this very same church she must have fell nearly a thousand times
But never before, did anyone give her a hand to get up.
She took it gracefully
And thanked him.
For his kind heart and and warm hand.

She fell again, many times still
But she always got up, dusted herself, and walked again.
She realized its okay to fall as long as you get back on your feet.
Its okay to fall as long as there is a hand to help you up.
She saw others fall.
And she always gave her hand to help them up.


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