A Fence First; A Wall Now

wallThere is a wall around me
Where ever I go
Whomever I meet
It moves along with me
Friends, colleagues and family
They all stand close
They whisper in my ear
They laugh and I smile
From the other side of the wall.

It was not a wall.
Long ago, it was just a fence
To keep the wolfs and rats and other predators away.
Then it became a half-wall
To keep the poisonous snakes from crawling inside
I promised, it wont get higher
That I can still jump over
Enjoy the view, the friendly neighbours
I dont know when it became a high wall
with barbed wires and broken glass pieces stuck on it.

I try to break the wall.
I want to. But I dont know how to.
I dont have the strength
I scream, I call out for help
But the voice does not reach the other side.
The wall is too high.
I try to climb, but I fall.
I keep falling.
And falling.


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