Liebster Award


Jen, Thank you. Thank you. Thank you so much for this nomination.thank-u

Its only recently that I actually understood how the Awards on WordPress work. Here I am with one, and imagining myself holding the award as an honorary shield and bowing to all my dear readers. Grinning, showing all my teeth.

I started blogging in a rather depressive state, with no real aim. But the more I read, the more I realized the power of words. Somewhere along the way, I stopped writing sad and depressive posts; and discovered the funny bone, hidden deep inside me. Today, every notification encourages me to read more, and write better.

So here it goes;

1) If you will a WP award what would you be and what would be your mechanics?

(I hope I got this question correct)

  1. Share the blog and tell three reasons why you liked that particular blog.
  2. Reblog a post from that site.
  3. Ask one personal question, which is not too intrusive into their private life.
  4. What is the change blogging has brought into your life and attitude?2) If you got turned into a holiday, how would the world celebrate you?

Of course it would be a holiday and it would be in November and it would be one-hell-of-a-bohemian-day!! It would be a day for the world to celebrate the “Self.” A day to celebrate your uniqueness. Everyone is special. Everyone is beautiful. On this hoilday, the world will stop and appreciate the beauty in yourself and others. A day not to conform to the world’s already set rules. Like the Carnival of Brazil (though I have not seen it) a day full of colors and music and beauty and fun. With so much of violence and hate and loss going on everywhere in this world, this one day would be a reason to hope and smile and let despair go to hell.

3) What fictional world would you like to live in and why?

I first thought was the magic world of Harry Potter. But once I get out of the school, I dont know what I would do. So I thought I would get my schooling done from the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and the set about my adventure in search of my destiny. And I am going to the Caribbean Sea, say Hi to Jack Sparrow and then meet Aslan in Narnia, have tea.(lol… this is nice, I can picturize this so well…) After I have roamed the world met all the kings and the queens and the princess of Rivendel, which is our Jen here, I would like to back to the little world from where I came. Pixie Hollow, and drown in pixie dust and roam the skies with my fairy friends.(I like this!)

4) Have you ever stalked anyone and if so, what were your stalking techniques.

Hahahahahahahaaaa…. If I dont know stalking who does!? I should probably let the Hero answer this. If he ever noticed my desperate and shameless and pathetic lovestruck stalker acts, what did he think of it…

5) You wake up from bed one morning looking like this. What do you do first. Go!elisha_

Scream. And then probably go back to sleep. In the hope that I can turn back into Me. There are times when I wish I was more beautiful. Or that I could turn heads on the way just like that… I am far from perfect. But I dont want to be anyone else or in any other form. I am me and there is nobody else like me. So I would rather sleep it out and be back to me…

6) The next morning, you wake up with someone looking like this. What would you do first? Go!

enrique_Assuming that I woke up back as myself on the next day, beside this super sexy man, now thaaaaaaaat is a totally different story altogether.
But I am afraid it would probably go like this.

As I admire the hunk near me, his hard chiseled body and yummy muscles and wonder about the mechanics of God the great, he slowly opens his eyes. Sees me lying beside him.

Scream. Again. But not me, its him. Rather rude he is. He gapes at me with his mouth open. “Who are you?”

“Errr… Ms Skyfall?!”

“Yeah that makes sense. Totally. What are you doing in my room? On my bed???”

I get up from the bed and say, “Ohh.. I am a fairy. Landed here yesterday night after my night out with friends. Awesome night! You should join us someday. By the way, care to tell me the way back to Pixie Hollow?? What do you think of the air traffic today? Too may hawks and eagles??”

“Ohh boy!!! What did I drink yesterday night? Did they add something in my drink?? This is a dream. I am going back to sleep. Cant take this anymore.”

He slumps back on the bed, ” And you Ms Skyfall. You can go back to the sky. Clouds are just there outside this window. They’ll carry you wherever you want.”

7) She knocks at your door one night. She needs a place to stay. What do you do?


I am a great fan of Maleficient. I would giver her my bed and sleep on the floor if I must. Her heart is 100 times more pure than all the fair-skinned and sweet talking people. She may have horns, she may wear black. But her soul is untainted.



8) How would you respond to this. windsh

I would give the yellow bird a black eye. Now we both have a messy front end.

9) Which of these Halloween Costumes would you most likely wear this Halloween?halloween

Without doubt- Maleficient.

10) Who would you like to share this breakfast with and why?


One day, I would like to have this breakfast with my friends in this blogosphere. Meeting over food, breakfast lunch or dinner or brunch or snacks or tea, is a very good way to start friendship. And share stories. Listen to what inspires you all and what humbles you. What led you till here, and what dreams you are chasing.

And here I would like to nominate few of my fellow bloggers for this award.
Maybe they already got this. But these are a few writers whose posts I eagerly wait for…

Mike Evans: With whom less is always more

Mrs Reckless: For her pretty words

Writemebad: For her deep and real feelings

Devil Doll : Because I started reading her from the day I started blogging

Mahi kaur: A lovely friend who plays music with words

kstanlyksays: No one says it like Stan

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