Best Employee

workI guess I might be the only employee in the office who smiles looking into the computer screen. A few weird looks have already been sent across to me which screams ” why the hell is she laughing looking at those godawful reports!???” I can’t blame them. All they see is either I am smiling or grinning or struggling to suppress my laughter or I am buried in the screen with the combined concentration of ten people.

I am sure my manager might be thinking that something is really not well with this girl. All the long hours I sit in the office and these worrying puckered expression on my face, and still.. and still… my work is pending, delayed, or given off to somebody. Every day I come to the office thinking I ll try harder and not get distracted and leave the office typing the resignation letter in my mind. This job; is really not my thing. The only reason I am not quitting is because I havent figured out what I want to do next.

So what am I doing in the system? I am reading books or blogs. This takes my mind far away from reality and deadlines and all the other things. I think about 100 ways to get over a crush or to talk to the crush. I get hangovers from reading a book. I imagine and live that life, day-dream about meeting those characters, fight imaginary wars and arguments where only I win. I meet imaginary friends and perfect families. There is always something exciting and interesting in that world. The reality is so boring and confining.

So in the end; in the office, what I am actually working on is, building up an alternate reality where there are trees, and magic and love and friendship and fun and laughter and happiness. In between all this, I go and do a little bit of work. Actual work. And by the end of the day, after juggling teh reality and imagination so discreetly that I Am tired and exhausted. And I wait eagerly for the weekends.

Now you know, what a hard-working employee I am.


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