Friday Eve

outdoor-party-lightsThe most anticipated day of the month arrived. There has been a lot of buzz going on since the announcement of the party at the end of the quarter. A celebration of the successful/unsuccessful meeting of the deadlines and targets. A much-needed break. To make up for all the early morning arrivals and back to back meetings and slogging late night in the office. For now, everything is over. Like the calm before the storm, this cool ambience will be there for two weeks, before the pressure builds again. Everyone was determined to make max out of the opportunity and make it count till the next quarter ending.

Online shopping was full on. IM chats hanged with links being shared to and fro from different e-commerce sites. Everyone had a promo code to share, a voucher to spare, an opinion on the shoes ordered, and delivered. Being pathetically illiterate about make-up and modern fashion trends, I lost the race in the beginning itself. And I had decided to be comfortable than look awkward in a beautiful dress and heels in from of hundreds of people.

After five months in the new office, this was the first social function I was attending. I was excited and hopeful, who knows, I might even be lucky to find some new friends. Maybe, I ll get an introduction to the man of my day dreams.. and recently of my dreams at night too.

So last friday eve, I did my best on myself. Satisfied with the results, I went to the function happy and smiling. I didn’t really matter if anybody noticed or compliment. I FELT BEAUTIFUL and that was enough. It was a beautiful evening. Partylights and glitter and music and laughter floated in the air. Colleagues became just friends, even if it is just for a night, all qualms over who knew best to get things done and who was superior all forgotten, for a few hours… I didn’t what music was playing and i didnt know who was smiling at me… I smiled at everyone and swayed to the rhythm of the night.
For once, I didn’t search for him in the crowd. I forgot about the Hero actually, and I was completely enjoying my company. The evening was getting darker and stars shone brighter in the sky and the music beat was getting faster. The night was getting younger by the minute.

“Hi…” some one said from behind. I was gorging on my assorted collection of chocolate dessert rather ungracefully, when this guy jumped on me from behind. I was seeing him for the first time. He waited patiently for me to swallow the ice cream in my mouth,trying not to laugh and finally I replied to his hi..

“Hi.. sorry to keep you waiting. This is just great. You want some? Do I know you. I haven’t seen u before in the office. New joinee? Which department do you work for? Ohh you should really have this pastry, it’s just awesome… This is my second time.. Ooops.. don’t tell anyone… Officially I am on diet… But I took off today eve… what did you say your name was… sorry missed it…” There I go… All in one breath…

“Whoa.. hold on.., ” and then he laughed. Right on my face. I stood there looking at him and embarrassed. It was all that sweets and chocolates that made me high. He stopped for a second, looked at me and laughed again. Okay. Now am back to earth and feeling sheepish and wondering what did I do…

He seemed to be done with laughing. He leaned forward, left enough space between us, neither far nor too close and with twinkling eyes he said, ” 1- I already had the dessert. 2- I am not new, I work on the first floor for the Consulting department. 3  I completely agree; the pastry is mind-blowing. 4- Dont worry, I am not going to tell any one that this is your second helping nor that you are officially on diet. And if you ask me, you can have all the sweets you want. Y0u are not fat and don’t have to diet. 5  My name is Kabir and I didn’t say it before but please… dont forget it…”

Hmmm…. I was lost to this man’s charm. Kabir. Kabir. Kabir. I like the name. I don’t think I will forget the name or the guy. But I look down. I feel all red and warm. Maybe this what it feels to blush. I bite my lips to stop myself from smiling and say anything more stupid. He has beautiful fingers. As he pulls another chair near me, I notice his graceful movements. Since I have not recovered from the attack of shyness, I am still looking down.

“So, will you forget? or Do I need to bribe you to remember me?”

“Huh.. What…?” I wake up from my trance.

I look up… He raises his eyebrows in a question, silently encouraging me… Suddenly I feel all naughty and I say, ” what do you have to offer? I am not easily pleased. You tread a risky path here, so think and answer…” I say as I put another spoonful of that delicious chocolate cream in my mouth.

As I wait for him to answer… I see someone is looking at me. I shifted a bit in my seat and see behind Kabir’s chair, the Hero is looking at us. A hundred questions on his face. That was the first time I was seeing him at the party. He looks a little pissed off. Could he be jealous? He doesn’t want me to talk to this Kabir? A hundred bucks to the thoughts behind his worried expression….

And Kabir gets my whole attention for the evening… Well, this is going to be interesting…

I declare this party a huge success.

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