Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday.

Seven years, we were together in various stages of a relationship; from friendship to detachment. I always remembered to wish you on your birthday, gift you something-even if its small, and make it special in all ways I could. You told me, long back, that birthdays were nothing for you, never celebrated before, and it was I who made it a day to look forward to.

Make as many wishes as you want…And all will come true…

Your birthday is here again, and we are not together anymore.

Yet in all these years, you never were the one to wake me up at midnight, and whisper a wish in my ears on my birthday. Every year, I waited and hoped, thinking that this time, it will be different. I refused to pick the calls of anyone else. But you never called. That day never came. Maybe its a typical thing, that girls remember all the dates and boys don’t. But, it hurt, all the same…

But still, on this birthday too,  where ever you are; I wish you a very very very happy birthday. I hope that someone is making this day special for you there and you are smiling.

If my thoughts have crossed your mind, at least once today, know this, my dear…
That I will always wish… your life to be filled with all the happiness and sweetness of this world… For this birthday and all the coming birthdays… Always…

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