Together… Indeed…


What the others saw

They both are always together.
Arent they bored of each other.
Always talking… What are they talking about, anyway?
In the canteen, in front of the library, on the stonebench, at the bus stop, on phone…
For the love of God, what is there so much to talk about.
Ohh they are in love
Dreaming about future, picking out names for kids, planning about all the places to visit, wedding vows
Ohhh so cute…

What really happened

-You fool…
=You rascal…
-I dont know how I fell in love with you
=Me niether
-You are not what I thought you are
=Clearly, you perception and judgment is at fault.
-You are the ultimate flirt. How could I not see it before?
=I can see that you are speaking about yourself here.
-You selfish and popous ass
=I also have a good vocabulary of expletives. Do you really want me to go through all that. I am sure everything will suit you perfectly well.
-Dont take that tone with me… people are watching.
= Oh yeah, how could I forget… we have to maintain the facade of the perfect couple, smile of the face, hand in hands… shit!
-If you had taken half this effort to make this relationship better, I swear, it would have been… long time ago…
=You liar. You dont want this to be right. You dont want us to be together. You dont want a partner. You want a slave. A slave to say yes to everything you say.
-Oh really..? And what about you… you want somebody to blame for that went wrong in your life. You want somebody to be there at your beck and call and listen to how much you know better than everone…


2 thoughts on “Together… Indeed…

  1. Love can be blinding! Take your time before making a lifetime commitment. Life is never perfect and we all make mistakes and when things change in our life…we have to change together, or a relationship will fall apart. Some manage to do this, some do not.

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