More on the desk, Less on the seat

Tangled… And Don’t know how to come out of it… 

He should be sitting more on the desk and less on the seat. Then I have a clear view of him and I stare all I want without any obstacles. And also without attracting others’ eyes onto me.

Maybe he suspects. I dont know. There are times when I think he is watching me instead of me watching him. There are times when we pass each other in the corridors and its like, he knows that I am thinking of him. At lunch, in the cafeteria, he is always at some place where I can see him and he can see me. Its like we both are in the game now but will not reveal anything to each other.

I imagine situations where we end up talking with each other. Maybe in the lift, in the cafeteria, on those days where we both stay back for work, walk into each other at the door, anywhere.. . But whenever I see him, I just throw in a lot of attitude and walk away like ‘who the hell cares, why is he even in my way…’

Though I want to talk to him and be friends with him at the least, I dont want it to happen either. Somehow, I am afraid to know the real Hero. What he is the Villian? (I cant imagine that.) And what if he is The HERO? Worse still… Hero and not interested in me…!!! I dont think I can walk away casually without breaking my heart.

I’d rather love this dream for a long time than be pushed into reality and destroy the dream forever.

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