Love Ardently, Deeply and Intensely

You know what happens when you make grave mistakes in love…

When you give away your senses and intelligence and intuition to someone who doesn’t understand and respect it?

When you let someone else decide and take over your thoughts and freedom?

When you give power to someone to break you, and deny yourself the right to fix and forgive yourself?

fierceWhen your kindness and patience are returned with nothing, or even worse, insulted and scorned and misinterpreted?

When you fail to say No when you want to and shiver and cower in a corner, hating every every second of your life, inch of your body and the other person’s body?

When you finally break down and crumble and cry like its your own funeral and feel like this is the end and can take no more and feel angry at yourself for allowing it for so long?

When you no longer have tears to cry, just firm and stone-hard resolution to not allow this anymore?

When you say aloud to yourself that Enough is Enough and walk out from the confines of people and expectations with your head held high and finally free?

You change and transform and evolve and adapt and improve and remake yourself…
You become fierce and sharp and powerful and strong and proud and brave…
You won’t let it happen to you anymore, nor to anybody else…

You may have learnt the hard way.
That love is not always what it seems.
Others need not learn it that way.
So forgive and love ardently
Deeply and intensely
Until there is no place for hate and contempt.

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